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Regular curriculum

The Curriculum on Sundays varies depending upon the time of year and the readings in the church.

We sometimes follow the Gospel readings of the day and learn about the life of Jesus and sometimes we go back and take a look at the events of the Old Testament. 

Sometimes we work and talk about Social Justice issues of our world and community and how God calls us to seek justice and love our neighbour.

Sometimes we engage in spiritual practices.

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Examples of justice activities our Christian Ed class did in the Spring 
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Sunday May 1

While Jesus had breakfast on the beach with the disciples, He asked Peter three times if Peter loved Him and to feed His sheep.  In the spirit of taking care of one another, we created bags for people to use to purchase food for Mission Services Good food centre with the items needed written on the outside of the bag

Sunday  May 8

The Sunflower is Ukraine's national flower.  In Sunday School the children planted sunflower seeds outside in the church garden to show our solidarity.  Packages of seeds were then handed out to the Parish to plant in their gardens at home. 

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