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Event Booking

Please send us an email providing us with the following information and we will contact you to discuss further within 3 to 5 business days. Asterisks indicate a required field. We look forward to working with you to plan your event.

Name of Organization

Type of Event*

Contact Person *

First Name

Last Name

Email Address *

Phone Number *

Desired Event Date(s) *

If your requested date is not available, would you like us to suggest alternate available dates? *



Desired Event Start and End Times *

Estimated Number of Guests *

Preferred Event Space(s) *

 Great Hall (max. capacity 250 cocktails; 200 seated theatre; 160 seated tables)

 Parish Hall (max. 200 seated theatre, 150 seated tables)

 Gathering Space and Parlour (max. 40 seated tables; max. 50 cocktails)

 Gathering Space only (max. 40 seated tables)

 Boardroom (max. capacity 15)

 Classroom #1 (max. capacity 8)

 Classroom #2 (max. capacity 10)

 Choir Room (max. capacity 30)

Event Description

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