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St John's Churchyard

The Churchyard (cemetery) at St. John's is a beautiful place to come and remember loved ones, it is lovingly maintained in that spirit of care.


Over 1700 people have been laid to rest in our quiet, beautiful grounds. Burials still take place at St. John's, and we pray daily for those who mourn and grieve. Please watch our video at the bottom of this page for a short view of our cemetery. (music performed by our director of music, Dr. Christiaan Teeuwsen.)

St. John's Churchyard is not only a crucial part of St. John's history, but also a place where the history of Ontario is known and preserved. Those visiting St. John's can see the extent of our parish life represented in the churchyard from the 1820's through to today. 


Ancaster's history is captured through many lives past - from the woman who was responsible for our Victoria Day holiday to the First Nations Princess who inspired Longfellow's famous poem Hiawatha.

Please Note:

To inquire about purchasing burial rights in a plot, please contact, Henry Vens, head of our Churchyard Committee by clicking here.  Current Fees can be viewed here.

To read the Churchyard By-Laws please click here

Please click here for the Bereavement Authority of Ontario's Consumer Information Guide.

All burials take place under the authority of St. John's Churchyard bylaws, by permission of The Reverend Canon Joseph Asselin, the Rector of St. John's.

St. John's Churchyard is private property: tours or photography of the churchyard or graves is prohibited without the express permission of the appropriate representatives of The Anglican Diocese of Niagara.

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