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St. John's Anglican

Church in Ancaster.

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 In accordance with the directions of our Bishop

and the Provincial Stay At Home Order

All In-Person Worship Services remain suspended until further notice

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Vaccinations Are Happening!!!!

Be sure to Register

as Soon as you are able.


The Reverend Olive Shepherd

Kathleen Shepherd

With much gratitude to the Doctors, Nurses and wonderful staff at the St. Joseph's West Fifth Vaccination Clinic, The Reverend Olive Shepherd, and her sister Kathleen,  from St. John's, Ancaster, received their first doses of the Moderna vaccination against COVID19 this week, as part of the 'over age 85' group.  The ladies both stated, that it was a painless procedure, and advise everyone to make sure they register for their own vaccinations as soon as they are able to. They also want to remind everyone to keep wearing masks, washing their hands and maintaining social distancing for the well being of others.

Patti Beamsley

and Giving

Front Line ~ Patti Beamsley from St. John's in Ancaster came out of retirement as a nurse to help in the vaccination effort against Covid-19. She reports that; "It is one of the most satisfying experiences I've had in a long time." Thank you Patti for helping in this important effort on behalf of the safety of our community. Please get vaccinated when it's your turn and continue to practice our public health measures of social distancing, mask wearing and hand washing. And oh yes, please pray for all frontline workers; that they have the strength and Grace they need to serve. 

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