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"Then the righteous will answer, 'Lord, when was it that we saw you hungry and gave you food, or thirsty and gave you something to drink? And when was it that we saw you a stranger and welcomed you, or naked and gave you clothing? And when was it that we saw you sick or in prison and visited you?' ... 'truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me." - Matthew 25:37-40

Parish Initiatives & Partnerships
St. John's is a community of compassion and care. Vounteer hours, gifts, advocacy, education, community engagements and partnerships are the backbone of our justice-building work each year.

Responding to the Syrian Crisis, and more...
St. Johns and The Anglican Diocese of Niagara are responding with compassion to those fleeing from war. You can help... supporting The Diocese of Niagara's 140th Anniversary Campaign
To celebrate, Niagara is asking you to donate in multiples of $140 towards a fund which will support parish refugee sponsorships in Canada. More... supporting PWRDF
More about PWRDF below, but our national outreach is working with established partners to support immediate relief internationally. You can give directly to PWRDF, or you can give through the parish by calling or dropping by the office.

The Primate's World Relief and Development Fund is our national church's coordinated alliance for hunger relief, advocacy, development and disaster relief. It is the vehicle through which Anglicans respond nationally to domestic and international relief efforts such as Slave Lake, Haiti, Japan and south Pacific Tsunamis, Hurricane Sandi and the needs in the Philippines, as recent examples. St. John's is a strong parish and individual supporter of PWRDF, which creates partnerships with local agencies and people to help build a more just, equitable and peaceful world. In joy and struggle, the Primate's Fund engages in development work, responds to emergencies, works to protect refugees, and educates and advocates for change. The parish, especially, supports Archdeacon Pickett and The Three Cantors in their work which has raised over $1.3 million for PWRDF since 1998.

Christmas Outreach
Advent is especially busy as the parish organizes gifts for seniors at St. Matthew's House, as well as sponsoring families in need with gift and food hampers for Christmas and winter.

Christmas Outreach - Youth
The Youth Group takes on their own branch of the Christmas initiative by raising funds and purchasing gifts for equivalent aged kids in their own sponsorships. With everything from spaghetti suppers to selling their own craft-work, the youth earn their own resources to fulfill this work.

Refugee Sponsorship
St John's has been involved in refugee sponsorship since 2000, when we sponsored our first refugee family. We knew this would be an exciting venture for the parish, but quickly learned not only what a succes it was, but what an incredible blessing as well. A second sponsorship took place in partnership with a sister denomination. We continue to work with the Diocese on the important issue of advocacy and awareness of displaced persons in our time.

Knitting to Keep Kids Warm.
A group of dedicated knitters will take any and all usable yarn and wool to craft into caps for newborns, mitts, hats and scarves for kids or senior, keeping people warm in the winter in partnership with St. Matthew's House.

Justice Education and Advocacy
We are active pariticipants in Poverty Round Table discussions along with our Diocese.

Environmental Justice
Niagara's commitment to good environmental stewardship is known as "Greening Niagara". St. John's is a good steward of the property, resources and energy use wherever possible and is working towards it's accreditation at a Diocesan level as a green church.

St John’s has supported Ancaster Scouting for decades, meeting in the Parish Hall. Scouting activities offer a fun and interactive way for young poeple to meet new friends, develop important life skills and learn more about their world and service to the community.

Ancaster Food Drive
As an active part of the local Ministerial Association, St. John's is one of the founding churches of what has now become a community-run, ecumenical initiative... one of the largest food drives in Ontario. Each year in February, St. John's hosts the food drive in the old parish hall, and provides thousands of volunteer hours from its membership for the gathering, sorting, packing and distribution of up to 80,000 pounds of food, and growing! St. John's salutes the many ecumenical partners that work together to make this annual event a success, but also urge everyone to give all year round to those in need... even better, to help create a world where food drives are no longer needed!

St Matthews House
St. Matthew's House is one of the Anglican Diocese of Niagara's important centres of care and outreach in the heart of our region in Hamilton. St. John's offers year-round support St. Matthew's House's ministry through gifts of time, food, money and hard work. Several of our parishioners have offered volunteer commitments to participate in the work of St. Matthew's.

Inasmuch House
St. John's has assisted this shelter for battered women with clothing and with resettlement needs, helping give people a new start.

Ancaster Community Services
The local local Ministerial Association was the founder of the original concept of a coordinated community service group. This grew into a crucial, community-based agency will full time staff. Our cooperation with, and support of, ACS continues!

Out of the Cold, Hamilton
Is run out of Anglican parishes in down-town Hamilton, including Christ's Church Cathedral, providing hot meals and shelter from the cold in the frosty seasons. Several of our parishioners volunteer for this important work and St. John's youth have got involved, partnering with the local high school. Out of The Cold's food is health-conscisous: our youth love to make cupcakes as a little treat to top off a healthy meal!

Good Food Box
The Good Food Box is a non-profit monthly fresh fruit and vegetable distribution program. It's goal: to make healthy fresh food affordable and accessible to everyone. St John's partners with Ancaster Community Services to deliver the food from the distribution centre in Dundas to ACS for pickup by their clients.

Ancaster Farmer's Market
In partnership with the local B.I.A., St. John's hosts a local farmer's market, Wednesdays on the Green from May to October, promoting locally sourced food and local producers. Check it out!

Food Security
St. John's offers hunger relief through weekly collection of non-perishable food for local food banks, especailly St. Matthew's House. St. John's also ensures that any surplus food safely prepared on site for events is never wasted but will set aside extra food to support the programs of Mission Services, The Senior's Centre and others.

Canterbury Hills
St. John's parish and membership supports kids camp programs and sponsors kids to attend camp at Canterbury Hills, giving young people a chance to experience more of their world!

Ancaster Ministerial
St. John's takes part in the Community Worship Service, Lenten Lunches, Remembrance Day Services and other community leadership through the work of The Ancaster Ministerial Association.

Seniors' Residences and Nursing Homes
St. John's makes visits and leads worship for all denominations in five area seniors' residences or nursing homes, providing prayer and sacramental care to those unable to attend worship in their home church, or who now live outside of their previous communities.

Vacation Bible School
In partnership with ecumenicly partner churches, St. John's offers VBS annually to local children and youth.

Homestead Christian Care/24 Hours of Silence
St. John's youth have enjoyed a good relationship with this residence, including hosting meals and fellowship andmaking visits with entertainment and friendly interaction. On a March weekend from noon Saturday to noon Sunday, St. John's youth and their leaders hold a silent retreat to raise funds and awareness about mental illness. Often this is timed to coincide with Earth Day. Funds raised benefit Homestead Christian Care, offering supportive housing to people living with mental illness. Residents are assisted with personal goals and life skills training, social involvement and spiritual growth. More...

Ancaster Village Church
Is a new congregation of The Christian Alliance. St. John's is making the use of our parish hall available as a place for worship for this new congregation in the community.

Clothing After Sale Donations
In partnership with a local Winner's franchise, St. John's gathers clothing to benefit local high schools, the C.A.S., St. Christopher's Eva Rothwell Centre Youth Outhreach, Inner City Kids, Ancaster Community Services and St. Matthew's House, keeping people warm and clothed all year long.

Ten Thousand Villages
St. John's promotes fair trade and corporate justice by supporting 10,000 villages throughout the year, especially at the annual Christmas Bazaar.

Volunteer Hours for Youth
Ever since the Ontario Government mandated volunteerism in students, St. John's has been providing opportunities for local high school aged youth to find a place to volunteer in a variety of capacities, in keeping with their talents.

St. John's Parallel to Niagara's Vision


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