A Minsitry of Food And Hospitality

Clearly, a church is not a business, but a community of faith.  Thanks to the dedication of our people, our Fellowship Ministry is able to offer a unique service to our whole community, whether members of St. John's or not.  Hospitality can be available at special events, including:

  • Life celebrations including: Funerals, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. for members of the church and for the wider community alike
  • Bridal and Baby showers
  • Business meetings, conferences and seminars
  • Workshops and seminars for groups such as: the Alzheimer Society, CardiKnits, Diocesan Outreach, Medical Education Sessions
  • Hosting of musical and theatrical concerts
  • Pot luck dinners; dinner theatres
  • Church lunches
  • Hosting of major Diocesan conferences
  • In-house events such as Marriage Preparation courses, Appreciation nights for the choir, altar guild, etc.
  • note:  we do not have the volunteers to handle weddings at this time!

Volunteers assist with setting up, cleanups and food preparation. The volunteers are trained to ensure the cleanliness and safety practices of our church kitchen.

Meals can include setup, cleanup and use of plates, mugs, glasses and cutlery. The following chart indicates the type of menus that have been most popular. We offer a variety of styles (buffet, sit down) and events.  Contact us to find information in keeping with the event you have in mind.

To view sample menus, please click here.

To see some samples of our food, please click here.

To view and consider booking our facilities, please click here.

For more information or to talk to someone about your event, please send us an email.